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Video/Audio Reels

Vikings BTS : Shiny Beards

The Grendel Toots

Video Short

Running Time 13:38

"A mythical monster struggles to atone for past horrors by working as a carer to a dying man on an estate. But when the beast finds a trumpet amongst his patient's possessions, the opportunity to finally understand humanity presents itself"  IMDb The Grendel Toots

She's Dead

Must be 18 or over to View Trailer

Running Time 3:07

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Award winning comedy horror.Ben has a problem; after a one-night stand he awakes the following morning to find his conquest dead.
He has one solution, dispose of the body before his parents get home or else face their wrath.
With sixty minutes until their expected arrival, can Ben, the temperamental Mr Clean and Ben's eccentric and unstable friend Barry dispose of the body.

Dark Gardens Fight Scene

Running Time: 2.00 min


Blood and Snow

Running Time: 2:30 min

Sky Movies Disney UK 2013 Christmas Advert

Running Time: 1:00 min

Samsung Galaxy Alpha "Right Up Our Street"

Running Time: 0:40 min


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Audio Reels 

Professional Recording/Sound Studio Available on Site

Julian Seager Voice Reel 2015

Wicked Royal Story Narration

 Rural Cornish Narration

All scheduled events subject to change without notice due to filming and project updates 

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