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On Photographing Julian

My name is John English and I take pictures. In fact I've been taking pictures ever since I can remember. I've been lucky enough to make my passion my career since turning pro in 1997. I've photographed a 1,000 weddings across the UK and now, with a new studio in a gloriously quirky and, totally impractical, gothic manor house, I'm learning the craft of studio portrait and fashion photography. Whatever I'm photographing my approach remains the same – relaxed, with an eye for the little detail that brings a photo to life.

I'd been looking forward to the shoot with Julian. I had a feeling he was going to be a larger than life character and I wasn’t disappointed. Julian not only fills the frame, he dominates the photo and, I wanted to get a sense of it in the photos. He was also keen to show another side, a more relaxed and not so intense and physical one.

In the studio I like my sessions to be fun and, I love the chance to experiment to create something that is somehow that little bit different. Surprisingly, that was easy too. We found we shared a musician background so, we traded licks and drummer jokes. We spent most of the time laughing and joking in the way that blokes do when let out alone. All I had to do was remember to click the shutter once in a while. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun on a shoot! ~ John English/Fizz Photography

If you like my style, and are interested in a session, I'd love to hear from you. Visit my website Or find me on Facebook fizzphotographystudio

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